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New!  Advocacy Goods for Japanese language teachers

Becoming a Japanese language teacher

Finding a Job teaching Japanese

Finding schools which teach Japanese

Japanese language education in the U.S.

Learning about grants and support programs

Exploring online resources for teachers and learners

Testing my students' Japanese proficiency level

Promoting Japanese language programs in schools

Connecting with other Japanese language teachers

Exploring my Community's Japan-related groups

Connecting my students with students in Japan

Exploring manga to engage students

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Japanese language education leaders

Become a Japanese language teacher


Find a job teaching japanese


find schools which teach Japanese

Directory of Japanese-Language Educational Institutions 2018

Search for schools in your area which teach Japanese: K-16 AND language schools

Directory of Japanese Studies in the United States and Canada

Searchable directory of higher education schools which have Japanese and Japan Studies majors and minors

AP Course Ledger

Find schools in your area which teach AP Japanese

Immersion Programs

Find schools in your state which have a Japanese immersion program




learn about Japanese Language Education in the U.S.

The Japan Foundation Survey on Japanese Language Education Institutions 2015: U.S. Data Results from the JF Survey 2015.
The Japan Foundation Survey on Japanese Language Education Institutions 2018: U.S. Data Results from the JF Survey 2018.


learn about Grants and support programs

Japan Foundation, Los Angeles Language Grants

Financial support for teachers and schools (teaching materials, networking, salary assistance, events, teacher training)

Japan Foundation, New York Grants

Financial support for arts and culture, Japan studies

Japanese Language Education Assistant Program (JLEAP)

Bring a native Japanese TA into your K-12 classroom

JF Invitational Group Tour Program

Administrators visit Japan for a 10 day trip

Financial Aid for Study in Japan

List of study abroad scholarships compiled by the American Association of Teachers of Japanese

Other Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

Grants offered by organizations other than the Japan Foundation

Japan Business Association of Southern CA Grants

Financial support for schools in Southern CA which teach Japanese

Sakura Grant Program (JCAW Foundation)

Financial support for K-12 schools in Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Virginia

Cash for Your Classroom

Online guidebook for school fundraising

Donors Choose

A charity which allows public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials and experiences for their students.


explore online resources for teachers and learners

Teaching Resources

Websites and tools for teachers

Learning Resources

Websites for learners

Generation Study Abroad Teacher Resources

Resources for teachers encouraging students to study abroad

Keizai Koho Center Fellowships to Japan: Lesson Plans

Lesson plans made by American economics, social studies, and history K-12 teachers after returning from a group tour to Japan.


test my students' japanese proficiency level

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

A test offered worldwide in December every year

AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam

High school students who pass this exam can get college credit at many universities

National Japanese Exam (NJE)

Online test for high school and college students

J-CAT Japanese Language Test

Free online adaptive test, based on JLPT levels

STAMP Test by Avant Assessment

Online test for Grades 3 through University

Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT)

Test your business-level Japanese

Kanji Kentei

A kanji test taken mostly by native speakers


promote Japanese language programs in schools (advocacy)

What is Advocacy?

How to promote your Japanese program.

New!  ADVOCACY Goods for japanese language teachers

Would you like to receive JFLA's original advocacy goods for your classroom?

Real Advocacy Stories

A list of successful advocacy activities done by Japanese language teachers all over the States

SPEAKJAPAN Brochure Guide

Printable, customizable brochure with SPEAKJAPAN content
SPEAK JAPAN BY THE JAPAN FOUNDATION, LOS ANGELES BLOG Japanese education blog with updates on job opportunities for Japanese speakers, student and teacher resources, cultural stories, exclusive interviews, and more! 

Advocacy Kit

Learn how to promote your Japanese program

Useful Advocacy Resources

Statistics and articles which promote the study of foreign language and Japanese

Programs in Peril: 14 Steps Teachers Can Take to Prevent a Japanese Program Phase-Out

Even before a program is in danger, teachers should take a look at this guide.


connect with other Japanese language teachers

Japanese Teacher's Associations

List of Japanese teachers associations in the US

Sakura Network Members

List of Sakura Network Members in the US

AP Japanese Language and Culture Teacher Community

Professional network connecting AP Japanese teachers

Sensei-online  listserv

google group connecting Japanese teachers



connect with my community's japan-related groups

Japan America Societies in the US

List compiled by the National Association of Japan America Societies

US Consulate-General Guide

List and map of Japanese consulates in America

Sister Cities International

Find or start a sister-city connection

NAJGA Garden Finder

List of and map of Japanese gardens in the US

Japan External Trade Organization: United States

Contact your closest JETRO office for a list of Japan-affiliated companies in your area.






Offers educational information regarding Japanese schools

Kizuna Across Cultures

Online language and cultural exchange program

Sister Cities International

Find a school in Japan through your city's sister-city connection


Ask a frequently asked question (faq)

Teacher FAQ

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