Japanese Language Education Assistant Program (JLEAP)

J-LEAP  (Japanese Language Education Assistant Program)

J-LEAP Lead Teacher application cycle for program beginning July/Aug. 2024 HAS BEGUN!
Application materials and details available here: https://www.laurasian.org/jleap-lead-teachers
Application deadline: Dec. 1, 2023

Contact the Laurasian Institution office at 800.721.7474 or jleap@laurasian.org.

What is J-LEAP?

This program brings Native Japanese Language Assistant Teachers (ATs) to K-12 educational institutions in the U.S. for up to two years to strengthen Japanese language programs by providing an AT to team-teach with the Lead Teacher (LT) in their classes as well as create opportunities to nurture a new generation of qualified Japanese language teachers. The program started in 2011 and is jointly administrated by The Japan Foundation (JF) and The Laurasian Institution (TLI). Over the past ten years, the program has hosted a total of 98 Assistant Teachers (ATs) in 29 states.
Download the latest brochure here.

What are the benefits of applying to J-LEAP as a Lead Teacher (LT)?

Bringing an AT into the classroom gives students the opportunity to hear and learn authentic Japanese language from a different Japanese speaker, to interact with a native Japanese speaker (or a different native speaker), and to be exposed to authentic communication between the Japanese language teacher and AT.
The community gains an AT who can also serve as a cultural ambassador by engaging in cultural events and activities in the area.
Click around and see previous and current participants talk openly about their day-to-day experiences in this exciting program on JF Headquarters' J-LEAP Movie Page

Who will be Assistant Teacher (AT) to the LT?

The ATs participating in J-LEAP are native Japanese language speakers, and hold a Bachelor's degree (or higher) in Japanese language education as a major or minor or Japanese-language teaching competency certification; or have completed a 420-hour professional development program for teachers of the Japanese language.

What kind of training and support do we offer to LTs?

During the program, you will have the opportunity to receive various professional development training along with your AT. (Further details provided below.) The training will be provided by our advisor members of J-LEAP who are professionals in the field of Japanese education.

  • Arrival training / In-service training
  • Site Visit: After 2-3 months have passed, the Japanese Language Education Specialist will visit your school site. The aim of this visit is to make sure that everything is running smoothly and to offer constructive advice to the LT/AT pairs after observing the class.
  • Follow-up Training
  • Stipends and Financial Support

AT’s compensation FULLY covered by JF

Assistant Teachers’ airfare, living stipend, housing stipend, vehicle purchase/insurance support, and health insurance coverage will be provided. In addition, the Host School will receive funds for purchasing educational materials. All stipend support and funds will be provided according to the Japan Foundation regulations.
Therefore, participation in the program is a cost-effective way to provide additional support to a Japanese language and culture program.

We look for Host Schools that:

  • Are U.S. K-12 schools offering Japanese language courses
  • Are willing to expand and invigorate their Japanese language courses with the addition of a Japanese AT
  • Can find a host family to accommodate the AT for the first 3 months
  • Can appoint a Japanese language teacher as a Lead Teacher to support the AT during his/her term 
  • Can provide basic working environment, such as desk space and parking

J-LEAP Timeline


List and Reports of Assistant Teachers from Year 1~11

List of Year 1 (2011-2013 cycle)

List of Year 2 (2012-2014 cycle)

List of Year 3 (2013-2015 cycle)

List of Year 4 (2014-2016 cycle)

List of Year 5 (2015-2017 cycle)

List of Year 6 (2016-2018 cycle)

List of Year 7 (2017-2019 cycle)

List of Year 8 (2018-2020 cycle)

List of Year 9 (2019-2021 cycle)

List of Year 10 (2021-2023 cycle)

List of Year 11 (2022-2024 cycle)

List of Year 12 (2023-2025 cycle)

NEW website: J-LEAPer Records

JFLA is very excited to share a brand-new website for past present and future participants in the J-LEAP (Japan-Language Education Assistant) Program: https://sites.google.com/view/j-leaper/ホーム
J-LEAPer Records provides archives of experiences and knowledge gained by previous J-LEAPers, advice to current J-LEAPers from their predecessors, advice for those considering applying for the program, and much more! Check it out and learn more about how to make the most of this great program!

AT’s Blog Site (Japanese only)

Tsunagu's J-LEAP Blog

For those who are interested in applying to become Assistant teacher, please go to the Japan Foundation Headquaters' website below: https://www.jpf.go.jp/j/project/japanese/teach/dispatch/j-leap/

For More Information, Please contact:

The Laurasian Institution
T: 206-367-2152
E: jleap@laurasian.org

Japan Foundation Los Angeles
T: 323-761-7510 (Ext: 116)
E: jflajleap@jflalc.org



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