We offer unique and exciting language courses, the JF Nihongo (Nihongo=Japanese), which are based on the Japan Foundation's JF Standard.
These courses focus on how well learners can do things in practical settings.
Using materials from Japanese daily life, you will enjoy these friendly, interactive, and above all, fun courses!

Course Listing

spring term started on april 20

All courses are entry-level and are designed to help learners develop a strong foundation in the language.  Each course focuses on specific themes and learning goals, such as inviting friends or writing an e-mail.  Each course is offered once a week for 9 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact us at jpcourse@jflalc.org.

About JF Nihongo

We offer regular courses during the fall (Sep-Nov), winter (Jan-March) and spring (April-June) term.  Special courses and workshops are ofered through the year.  Fun events for Japanese language learners are always happening at our center as well.  You can learn practical Japanese and culture from our experienced and passionate instructors!

How to Register

To select a course, read each course description, and answer the self-check list and assessment test to see if the course fits you.  Once you choose a course, register and pay online.  Within a week after submitting the form, e-mail your self-check list and assessment test.  Students are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don't miss the opportunity to receive a discount through the early bird registration and past students discount!


The Miracle Mile class is located at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles office where you can take advantage of our resourceful Information Library.

Voices from students

We are receiving wonderful comments from our students.  Please refer to the testimonials our students provided to us.  Voices from Students

In a student interview series titled “Hey, I am Learning Japanese!”, our students share their reasons for learning Japanese, how fun it is, and their favorite Japanese words.  Check out the videos!

There are many comments on Yelp too.  Read Yelp review

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JF Standard?  Which course should I take?   Before you contact us, please read the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Special Events

Every quarter, we organize special classes designed for specific purposes like Tea Time, Japanese for Travel, Polite Japanese, and Celebrate Japanese New Year. Here you will find information on past special events we have organized.