Fiscal Year 2018-19
Japanese-language Learners Event Grant

Application Deadlines: March 1, 2018 and September 1, 2018

(Photo: 1st annual Junior Japan Bowl, Japanese Cultural Committee of Great Falls Elementary School)

Program Description

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (hereafter "JFLA") provides financial support (up to $1,000) for Japanese-language related events on the national/state/regional levels (speech contests, quiz contests, or presentational events, etc.) that are intended to motivate a large number of Japanese-language learners in multiple schools featuring different educational levels (primary, secondary, collegiate levels, and adults) and promote Japanese-language education in the area. Closed events for a single school are not eligible.

Eligible Items for Support

  • Expenses for inviting judges/guests to the event (honorarium, transportation, accommodation)
  • Expenses for venue (rental fee for venue and equipment, service fee for tech support, etc.)
  • Prize expenses for participating Japanese-language learners (no cash prizes)
  • Production costs for handouts/programs/flyers of the event
  • Group transportation costs for participants/student audiences (charter buses, vans, etc.)

Application Procedures

Step 1:  Please inform JFLA (email: of your intention to apply for the program.
Step 2:  Download the application materials.

Step 3:  Please submit your completed Application Form by mail or email. Your Application Form (either original or digital copies) must be submitted to JFLA on or before the respective deadlines.

Application Deadlines:
  (1) March 1, 2018 (for projects to be held between 4/1/2018 and 3/31/2019)
  (2) September 1, 2018 (for projects to be held between 11/1/2018 and 3/31/2019)
  (Should the deadline fall on a weekend, it will be extended to the following Monday.)

Post Application Procedures

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feedback comments & photos from grant recipents

  • Brown University, Japan Week

    “The provided funding helped us prepare and organize 11 contemporary and traditional cultural events such as tea ceremony, haiku, calligraphy, origami, taiko, character bento making, anime screening, etc. The events attracted both current students of Japanese as well as students who are not familiar with Japanese language but have an interest in Japanese culture. Funding also allowed us to be well prepared for the advertisement of our events to inform people in and out of the Brown University community.”


Classical High School, Rhode Island Sakura Festival

“All who came to the festival had a great time while experiencing Japanese culture through the various activities and food. Students learned much about Japanese culture. The exposure to the cultural activities was worth much more than anything I can do in the classroom. In addition, students have gained the sense of working together/collaboration and cooperation through the matsuri activities.”


Japan Society - Toyota Language Center, Nihongo Chat J-Culture

“Thanks to the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles' generous grant, we were able to offer the Japan Society community five opportunities to be exposed to Japanese culture that would otherwise not have been possible. Most notably, the grant enabled us to supplement our 'Nihongo Chat', which traditionally has focused on language exchange, to include superb cultural exchange opportunities as well. Owing to the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles' grant, we were able to pay a stipend to various guests who are experts in their field, providing a truly enlightening perspective into Japanese culture. For example, we featured sessions of kendo, flower arrangement, and others.”