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(Brochure template last updated in 2015.)

What's the brochure?


According to our recent survey, the most popular advocacy activities among Japanese language teachers are events and brochure/flyer distribution. With this in mind, we've created a customizable brochure promoting the Japanese language. Below you'll find a ready-to-print brochure, a customizable brochure template, and a sample customized brochure. First, we recommend taking a look at the sample customized brochure to get an idea of what it will look like.

A Sample Customized Brochure

How to Customize the Brochure
How to Print the Brochure

The Ready-To-Print Brochure (no need to customize)
How to Distribute the Brochure



a sample customized brochure

Here is a sample of a customized brochure. Do not distribute. Make your own!!

Ms. Rollins' Customized Brochure PDF


how to customize the brochure


1) Make sure you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your computer. If you do not, you can install a trial version here.

2) Open the following file in PowerPoint:

Customizable Brochure (5MB)

3)  Take a look at page 1. The middle panel has four colorful boxes. This is where you will showcase your individual school and its Japanese program.

    • In the blue-green box, type in the name of your school and the relevant department name (if applicable). 
  • In the red box, type a teacher profile, or several (if applicable) and try to include a photo. Potential students like knowing a future teacher can smile.
  • What is attractive about your program? Does it have a Japan Club? Do your students participate in some kind of exchange? Please type that in the yellow box.

4) Now, take a look at the first two pages. Those will be your brochure, printed on a single sheet of letter paper, which you will fold into three sections. Notice how they are mostly blank? That's because you will copy/paste content into the blank panels of the brochure.

Content will come from the inventory pages, pages 3 - 10. For example, page 3 is the Career inventory page. If you want Career information in your brochure, copy the title section ("CAREER: Learning Japanese gives you options in the job market") and paste it into the blank panel on page 1. Then choose three "circle graphics" and their accompanying captions to add to that panel.

5) Repeat the process for the three blank panels on page 2. Some inventory pages have framed photographs that you may use instead of a circle graphic.

6) Don't forget to save your version!

Note: Please do not edit the circle graphic captions or images.

How to print the brochure

When it's time to print:

  • DO NOT "Print All Slides." Print only slides 1-2 ("Custom Range"). The inventory pages are not meant to be printed.
  • Select "Print Full Page Slides"
  • Select "Print on Both Sides" and "Flip pages of short edge"

We highly recommend printing a test version first, and folding it.

Note: For those of you with limited printing budgets, try printing it in grayscale. It still looks quite nice and has a lot of impact.


The ready-to-print brochure

Rushing to an event with only five minutes to spare? The brochure below has no individual information. It is a general version of the brochure, does not require customization, and can be used by any teacher in America.

Ready-To-Print Brochure PDF

Reminder: When printing the PDF, select "Print on Both Sides" and "Flip pages on short edge." Also, consider printing it in grayscale to avoid using expensive color ink.


How to distribute the brochure

We recommend:

  • Having a stack of brochures at every event you hold or attend
  • Giving a stack of brochures to student counselors at feeder schools in your area
  • Passing out brochures at PTA meetings and Open Houses
  • Keeping a stack in your classroom -- You never know when someone will drop by and ask "Why should I study Japanese?"


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