Fiscal Year 2021-22
Japanese Teaching material purchase Grant

*The 2021-22 application period is now OPEN!*
Application Deadlines: March 15, 2021 and September 15, 2021

Program Description

This program is intended to assist educational institutions in the U.S. to purchase teaching materials (textbooks, audio-visual materials, cultural decor, dictionaries, digital learning software, teachers’ reference books, etc.) for their Japanese-language courses by providing financial support not exceeding $1,000.

Conditions of the Grant

  1. First, the applying institution (hereafter “applicant”) should submit an application form, which includes a wish list.  In the wish list, the applicant should indicate the titles, unit prices, quantities, and estimated total cost to acquire the materials (including tax and shipping/handling charges).
  2. The  applicant should NOT make any non-refundable purchase arrangements before receiving an official notice of grant approval from the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (hereafter “JFLA”).
    Please do not purchase anything at the time of application!

  3. The eligible items for support are Japanese-language teaching materials (textbooks, audio-visual materials, dictionaries, digital learning software, teachers’ reference books, etc.) as well as cultural items (origami supplies, calligraphy sets, etc.). The grant will NOT COVER electronics/hardware (laptops, projectors, tablets, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.) or consumable stationery supplies (papers, pens, markers, etc.).
  4. Applicants who are awarded the grant (hereafter "grantee") will be contacted by JFLA via email and will receive the related grant documents (“Notice of Grant Approval,” “Acceptance of Grant” form, etc.) The grantee may start purchasing the approved materials after mailing an “Acceptance of Grant” form to JFLA.
  5. The applicant must keep all proof of payment (not only receipts/invoices for the teaching materials but also for shipping/handling charges). JFLA will only reimburse for items with relevant proof of payment.
  6. The grant payment (reimbursement check) will not be provided until the grantee submits the required documents including proof of payment (receipts/invoices which show that payment has been made), a signed Request for Payment form, and the Final Report. Applicants who fail to submit all three of these required documents will not be paid.
  7. JFLA will finalize the grant amount based on the proof of payment. The reimbursement check will be made payable to the name of the applying institution.  JFLA cannot make checks payable to individual teachers.
  8. The teaching materials purchased with the support from JFLA should become the property of the applying institutions, and should NOT be privately owned by instructors or students.


Application Procedures

Step 1.  Please inform JFLA (email: support@jflalc.orgof your intention to apply for the program.
Step 2.  Download the application materials.

Step 3.  Please submit your signed and completed Application Form by mail or email. Your application form (either original or digital copy) must be submitted to JFLA on or before the deadline.

 Application Deadlines
  (1) March 15, 2021     (2) September 15, 2021
  (Should the deadline fall on a weekend, it will be extended to the following Monday.)


Procedure FlowChart