My Life, My Japanese

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My Life My Japanese

Language learning is a lifelong journey but what’s wonderful about this process is that regardless of level or ability, learning Japanese has been a positive experience for many and has led them to fulfilling careers and accomplishing goals.

We interviewed five individuals who have learned Japanese to varying degrees at different points in their lives for a variety of reasons. This has led them to meet amazing friends, explore new career paths, and see the world from new perspectives. For the interviewees, Japanese will continue to be a part of their lives.

We hope these videos will encourage you to consider learning Japanese. Even if courses are not available in your area, we recommend exploring the myriad online resources available such as our e-learning platform “Minato”.
We hope to show you through these interviews that there is more than just one way to incorporate Japanese in your life and that you can make your own Japanese learning journey, too!

*If you know someone or would like a chance to share the story of your Japanese journey with us, please co
ntact us and let us know to nominate or you would like to volunteer as an interviewee! 

Interview participants
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Kyle Abbott

Shamisen Maker/Founder of Bachido
Santa Cruz, CA

“Japanese has affected my life personally by giving me a much closer connection to the people I was interacting with in the shamisen world.” 

Jonathan Harwell

Los Angeles, CA

“Try to use [Japanese] as much as you can. No application is small.” 











Sarah Cortina

Animation Producer
Burbank, CA

“Keep your horizons open, because if learning Japanese and using Japanese in a career is something that you might want, I think there’s so many different industries and so many different jobs where having those skills can be helpful, so it’s something you can use for a really wide range of careers.” 











Matthew Steidl

TV/Film Effects Creator
Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve gotten a lot more professional confidence in the work that I do through Japanese.” 











Chelsea Terrill

Language learner
Pasadena, CA

“In learning Japanese, I feel it’s expanded my worldview.” 






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