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The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles mainly deals with Japanese language education in the United States. 
Please check the AATJ website for information on stuying in Japan.

American Association of Teachers of Japanese 
All About Studying Abroad in Japan 

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Japan-Guide has not only great resources regarding studying in Japan but also other essential information such as traveling around Japan and being able to ask further questions regarding various topics of interest. 

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Go! Go! Nihon is a great way of living and studying in Japan! There is a good support system that can help you in getting what you need to be prepared to studying in Japan.

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Study In Japan Comprehensive Guide

The Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide has a great deal of practical information for prospective, current and former foreign students in Japan.

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Japan Student Services Organization

The Japan Student Services Organization’s (JASSO) Study In Japan Guide includes Guide to Information Center for International Education, Student Guide to Japan, Guide to Institutions of Higher Learning in Japan, Scholarships, etc.

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Japan Study Support

The Nippon Foundation’s Japan Study Support page includes student life information, a university database, a school database, a scholarship database, etc.

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Japanistry: Japanese Language School Database

Japanistry's Japanese Language School Database contains information and links to Japanese language schools all over Japan.

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Study Abroad

Information for study abroad programs in Japan are available on this site with different categories based on your length of stay and education level. If you are looking for information on programs in Japan, the following information is essential to your search.

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Year-Long or Semester Programs

This search engine contains information and reviews for dozens of study abroad in Japan opportunities, including a guide called "How to study abroad in Japan."


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