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What is is a website which promotes the study of the Japanese language. It's filled with information about the strong connection between Japan and the US, the worldwide popularity of Japanese culture, Japanese contributions to the world, and the strength of Japan's economy. It is our hope that these wonderful facts about Japan will inspire people to study Japanese.


Why should I share

When someone asks you, "Why should I study Japanese?" don't you wish you had a handy list of reasons with up-to-date and well-cited statistics? Sharing can help with student enrollment, showing parents that studying Japanese has benefits beyond exposure to Japanese popular culture, and showing administrators that studying Japanese opens doors for students.


How do I use

Here is a list of ways to share

  • Tell your current students about If they like it, they might share it with their peers and parents
    • Put the link ( in your syllabus, email signoffs/signatures, event flyers, program brochures, program websites, newsletters
  • Here are some banners and icons you can use
  • To save, right click and click "save image as"
  • Don't forget to hyperlink the image with the URL ( You can usually do that by right-clicking on the image/text and choosing "hyperlink" in the menu, or by clicking on the link button in your editor.


Icon 1:

Icon 2:

Here is an example of an email signoff with one of the banners:

  • Print out one of two posters and put it in your classroom or office (see below)
  • Have a stack of brochures available in your classroom or office (especially at Open House events)
  • Pass out brochures at Japan-related events, or just have a stack ready at your booth
    • Share the link via social media
  • Like it on Facebook, share it in your status update
  • Tweet about it on twitter
  • Make contact with the student guidance counselors at feeder schools (schools whose students may end up attending your school), and share with them. They might appreciate having resources that they can share with students who are curious about languages.
      • Approach the other language teachers at your school and suggest starting an International Culture Day, so that every language teacher can have a chance to advocate for their language at the same time. Students can see for themselves how much fun learning Japanese can be, and you can have a stack of brochures available for them to look at.


If you have any other suggestions for using, please email and they may be posted here.



Download Flyers and Posters

There are currently two flyers and posters available:


Design 1

Flyer version: PDF

Poster version: PDF top left, PDF top right, PDF bottom left, PDF bottom right



Design 2

Poster 2: PDF

Poster version: PDF top left, PDF top right, PDF bottom left, PDF bottom right

(Note: Request other image formats by emailing



Poster Instructions:

1) Print out all four PDFs.

2) You will need to cut off some of the white paper edges.

3) Tape the four pieces together so that the pieces line up perfectly.

4) Reinforce the back as well.

5) Post the poster on your wall!

(Here's a grayscale version. Not bad!)

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