Japanese Langauge Education Update 26

January, 2016: Breeze Issue #99

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Japanese Language Education Update 26:
Do you need a Japanese teaching license or credential?

by Amanda Rollins, Japanese Language Program Coordinator

Hello Japanese language teachers! It is my pleasure to tell you about a FREE webinar course held by LangCred.org, and supported by the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles. The course is designed specifically for Japanese teachers who are interested in pursuing a Japanese language teaching credential in the United States, and it will demonstrate concrete steps to get started.

Discovering Pathways to Japanese Language Credentialing” will be an interactive online course with self-paced activities available from February 1 – 19. There will also be one hour-long online webinar on Tuesday, February 16 where you can ask live questions to credentialing experts. The online discussion will explore current challenges to obtaining a credential, explore the online resources for teachers at LangCred, and show exactly how a Japanese teacher can use the site to find out information about credentialing. There will be a Japanese language support person at the Q&A to help with any language barrier issues.

Pre-register for this free course at this link. Sign up before February 1 to get the full interactive experience!



Discovering Pathways to Japanese Language Credentialing”(日本語教師資格免許取得への道)は対話式オンライン・コースで、自分のペースで進められる内容になっており、2月1日から19日の期間中提供されます。また2月16日(火)には1時間のオンライン・セミナーも開催され、資格免許のエキスパートへの質問もできます。オンライン上で現在かかえる資格取得の悩みや情報の交換、またLangCredのウェブサイト内で、資格取得の情報をどこで学べるか、その操作方法もお見せします。Q&Aセッションでは、日本語サポートのお手伝いもあるので、英語がちょっと苦手な方でも大丈夫です。


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