October, 2015: Breeze Issue #96

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Japanese Language Education Update 23:
Announcing the Launch of the 2015 Survey on Japanese-Language Education

by Amanda Rollins, Japanese Language Program Coordinator

The Japan Foundation does a massive global survey every three years to gather information about Japanese language education, and the time has come again. For some of the results from the 2012 Survey, click here.
Earlier this month, JFLA staff started emailing and calling every school which teaches Japanese in the US. We are asking one person from every school to fill out one 15-minute online survey about global issues and one 3-minute supplementary survey about issues in the United States.

JFLA is the only organization which attempts to gather data about Japanese language education at all education levels (preschool to adult) in the US. The results of this survey help us decide how best to allocate funding and which support programs would be most beneficial in which regions. We also make the results public in a free online database where potential students can search for Japanese-teaching schools around the globe.

Why do the survey?
Not only is participating in this survey good for your school’s visibility to potential students (see above), but there are several other incentives as well. The school representative who answers the survey will be sent 3 teaching posters and a PDF summary of the survey results. The first 20% of survey respondents will receive a JF teaching textbook of their choice, and all respondents will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Kinokuniya BookWeb gift certificate.

So, if you get an email with a subject line that starts with “[Japan Foundation],” please start the survey as soon as possible and submit it by November 20. Any questions can be directed to Amanda Rollins at survey@jflalc.org, or by phone at (323)761-7510.

If your school teaches Japanese and you didn’t get a survey invitation email, please email us at survey@jflalc.org and we can send you one!


[Japan Foundation]で始まる件名のEメールを受けとられましたら11月20日までに回答していただきますようお願いいたします。