2021 Past Events

Free Online Japanese Cinema Screening, March 29, 2021

The Nikaidos' Fall
(105mins, 2019)
Directed by Ida Panahandeh

Wednesday, April 28, 7PM(PDT) – Thursday, April 29, 7PM(PDT)
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After losing his son, Tatsuya is anguished by the danger of his ancient family line coming to an end. His mother Haru urges him to embark on a loveless second marriage, and meanwhile he secretly hopes that his daughter Yoshiko will marry a husband willing to adopt the Nikaido name and follow in his footsteps.



Nobuo Anzai: Homage to a Nomadic Storyteller

March 18 - June 18, 2021

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Three years after hosting the MIGRATING DREAMSCAPES: NOBUO ANZAI exhibition here at JFLA, we are honored to showcase Anzai’s later paintings this time as we celebrate his infinite creativity and beautiful life.


National Dish of Japan: Secret Charm of Curry Rice, March 16, 2021

Tuesday, March 23 @7PM (PDT)
Free admission
registration required

Curry rice is considered one of Japan’s national dishes and loved by Japanese people of all ages. For this lecture, we will have Kazuhiro Ono, the first honorary director at the Yokohama Curry Museum and forefront curry rice researcher, give us his insights on why Japanese curry rice is loved not only in Japan but all over the world.

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Free Online Japanese Cinema Screening, March 15, 2021

School Meals Time Final Battle
(102mins, 2020)

Wednesday, March 24, 7PM – Thursday, March 25, 7PM
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(accessible during screening period only)

*Pre-screening Mini Lecture: Wednesday, March 24 @6:30PM

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Teacher Amarida (Hayato Ichihara) is crazy about school lunches, and he gets the shock of his life when school lunches are slated to be removed from the school. Amarida's student Kamino (Taishi Sato) competes with him to see who can enjoy the school lunch more, and then Kamino declares that he will run for student council to bring about a school lunch revolution. There is a pre-screening mini lecture regarding Japanese school lunch by former JET program assistant language teacher, Mr. Jon Harwell.


YOKAI: Oni! From Folktales to Demon Slayer, January 21, 2021

February 2, 2021 @7PM (PST)
Free admission
registration required

  In Japan, you can find YOKAI(ghosts) everywhere from folktales, traditional rituals, to popular manga and anime. The most present YOKAI in Japanese society and culture is the Oni(demon) and they are seen as guards protecting hell, and causes disasters and pandemics.

  On the day of Setsubun, which is the first day of spring in the lunar calendar, people throw soybeans at the Oni to fend off the evil spirits within the home. On the same day, we will be inviting award-winning translator, writer, and folklorist, Zack Davisson as a lecturer to talk about Oni’s presence in Japanese culture. Also, he will explain how Japanese people think about Oni from folktales to Demon Slayer.

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Lecture: Face-to-Face with Buddhist Deities in Kyoto & Nara, January 19, 2021

February 11 & 25
Free admission, registration required

Come take a virtual journey to the ancient cities of Kyoto and Nara! 
We will present two virtual lectures focusing on Buddhist Deity sculptures in Buddhist temples in Kyoto and Nara.  Michael VanHartingsveldt will present a brief history for four temples in each lecture and then highlight specific and noteworthy sculptures visitors might want to see within their precincts.  Kay Allen from the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) will then suggest unique and interesting experiences that can be found in the general vicinity of each temple.  We hope attendees will use these lectures to inform their visits to Kyoto and Nara, which would result in a rich and fulfilling engagement with Japanese art and culture!


Virtual Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl, January 13, 2021

every other wednesday
12:30PM (1 SESSION, 15MIN)

We would like to help during these trying times.  Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl will be offered via JFLA Facebook LIVE!
The singing bowl used for this program harmoniously combines the healing qualities of the Tibetan singing bowl and its Japanese traditional singing bowl. Relax and feel your stress dissipate into thin air as the sounds of the singing bowl lead you into a meditative state.
There will be one session starting at 12:30pm.  Just go to JFLA's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JFLALC).  Refresh and recharge yourself with us at home!


Music Mondays: Virtual Concert, January 11, 2021

Every monday
12:30pm* (PDT)
*6:00PM (PDT) when live from Japan

We want to bring some cheer to your lives by music!   JFLA will be presenting live music performances via JFLA Facebook LIVE! Every Monday at 12:30pm, talented performers will play their repertoire dedicated specially to you. Just go to JFLA's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JFLALC).   Let’s start a new week with some uplifting music at home! 


Virtual Bilingual Yoga at Lunchtime, January 06, 2021

Every other wednesday
12:30pm (1 session, 15min)

We would like to help during these trying times.  Bilingual Yoga will be offered via JFLA Facebook LIVE!

No need to change clothes or use a yoga mat; you will be seated in a chair at home and receive an instruction from our instructor in bilingual (English and Japanese). Easy and relaxed!
There will be one session starting at 12:30pm.  Just go to JFLA's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/JFLALC).  Stretch and refresh yourself with us at home!