Exploring Mindfulness & Wellness through Japanese Food Culture


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Exploring Mindfulness & Wellness through Japanese Food Culture


Date & Time
monday, december 12, 2022

7pm - 8pm (pSt)


admission is free, registration is required


Japan is an island nation stretching over 1700 miles long, from north to south.  Most areas have a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, producing an abundance of fresh seasonal food ingredients.  For centuries, Japanese food culture and diet has been enhanced by leveraging the vast diversity of local ingredients, including fermented foods. The words “Itadakimasu” and “gochisousama” are customary phrases people say before and after a meal to pay respect and appreciation for the life (food) that we receive, and to the people who prepare the meal. 
In this webinar Mayuko Okai, a registered dietitian, will talk about the secrets of Japanese food culture that nourishes our body and mind by featuring the following topics:
•    Eating with intention & gratitude 
•    Exploring mindful eating in the modern age
•    Traditional fermentation practice
•    Japanese grandmother's food wisdom
•    Cultivating a gentle relationship with food and your body


About Lecturer:

Mayuko Okai is a Registered Dietitian, yoga teacher, and founder of Food Liberation: a coaching program that helps mindful individuals heal their relationship with food and body. While working eight years across hospitals in Los Angeles, Mayuko pursued yoga teacher training, which opened the doors to a world of healing she had yet to explore. This inspired her to leave her career to shift her nutrition practice, incorporating mindfulness techniques with a focus on emotional care.
Today, Mayuko takes delight in guiding clients internationally to find food freedom so they can live their full lives. Mayuko can be found eating to her heart’s desire, and spending time in the countryside of Japan, where she now resides.


Event Details:

  • Date Dec 12 , 2022
  • Hours 7 PM - 8 PM (PST)
  • Venue Online
  • Admission Free, Registration Required
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