October, 2016: Breeze Issue #108

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Japanese Language Education Update 35:
Three Outstanding High School Japanese Teacher Websites

by Amanda Rollins, Japanese Language Program Coordinator

When middle schools students are deciding which language to study in high school, how will they look for information about their options? Via the internet, of course.
They must be curious. What is it like to study Japanese? Who is the teacher? Will they be able to read manga after four years? Does the program have an AP class?

Having a teacher webpage is your chance to tell them that your Japanese class is fun, interesting, and effective. Check out the following outstanding websites for inspiration:

Iyasensei.com is a stunning exploration of the Marysville High School Japanese program in Marysville, Ohio. It features photos, videos, a frequently updated blog, a teacher introduction, a breakdown of the curriculum, and an adorable explanation of Japanese language proficiency levels. Don’t forget to check out Iya-sensei’s unbelievably professional newsletter!

According to Iya-sensei herself, "Having a personal website makes it simple for students and parents to stay connected, as well as creates a single hub  for program resources and event promotion."

Bellinisensei.com from American Fork High School in Utah features photos from the program’s many fun events, links to writing practice activities, a place where students can sign up to get texts about homework assignments and extra credit, and an explanation about why studying Japanese is good for a future career.

Joanne O’Leary’s Japanese in Monroe County weebly page has a description of the fascinating distance learning program available in Monroe County, Michigan. The home page has detailed syllabi and kana charts, and the Japan Club page has upcoming event announcements.

Keep up the good work Iya-sensei, Bellini-sensei, and O’Leary-sensei

If you want to start a beautiful webpage of your own, please be aware that the Photo METI website has spectacular photos of Japan that you can use for free and for any purpose.