Ishibashi Foundation / The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art

Ishibashi Foundation / The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art

This program aims to support the development of professionals specializing in the study of Japanese visual arts by providing an opportunity for curators and researchers from abroad to conduct research in Japan, and by so doing, promote the study of the field and the introduction of Japanese art overseas.

Eligible Area and Activities
The research project related to Japanese visual arts should have clear objectives and plans to achieve its goal. The project should necessitate travel to Japan in order to carry out research intensively, over a short period of time. The main target area is contemporary Japanese art. Priority will be given to projects that include in its proposals, plans for research results to be shared widely among the overseas public through the implementation of exhibitions or the publication of books. 

Individuals who conduct the activities stipulated in “Eligible Area and Activities” living in a country outside of Japan (curators, researchers, educators, conservators, etc.). All of the following criteria must be met:

(1) Applicants must hold nationality (or permanent residency) in countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan. 

(2) Applicants must be in good health both physically and mentally. 

(3) Applicants must be proficient in either Japanese or English. 

(4) Applicants must be able to stay continuously in Japan for the term of fellowship. 

(5) Applicants must not violate the law or regulations of their own country by receiving a fellowship from the Japan Foundation. 

(6) Individuals who do not apply for other grant programs of the Japan Foundation. 

(7) Previous recipients of Japan Foundation Fellowships (not only the Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art but also all the other Fellowships of the Japan Foundation) are eligible to reapply only if, on April 1, 2024, a full three years has elapsed since the termination of their most recent Fellowship. 

*For details, please refer to the Application Instructions of the Fellowship.

21 days to 59 days
*The fellowship’s beginning date (date of arrival in Japan) for FY 2024‒2025 must fall between June 1, 2024 and March 15, 2025. 

(1) Round-trip airfare (discount economy class [most direct route]) 

(2) Stipend and other allowances

Number of Fellowships (Reference)
17 out of 55 applications for FY2023

Selection Policy
(1) See p. 3 of PROGRAM GUIDELINES for the selection policy common to all programs.

(2) In addition to (1), applications will be screened according but not limited to the following points:

a. The purpose and goal of research should be clear, and the goal should be achievable during the proposed term of fellowship. 

b. Research in Japan should be essential to the project. 

c. The project should be planned in a concrete and practical framework and the proposed term of fellowship should be of an appropriate length that enables the achievement of the project goal. 

d. Applicants should hold notable achievements in their respective fields. The proposed project should be consistent with these achievements and should potentially make future contributions to the field. 

e. Applicants should have potential for future development as Japanese art experts. 

f. Achievements based upon the fellowship should extend beyond the applicant’s individual output and be shared with society at large through exhibitions and publications. 

g. Priority will be given to applicants who are likely to present the results of their research shortly after the completion of their fellowship. 

h. Applicants should potentially contribute to the development of their research field and the establishment of its infrastructure. 

Application Deadline: 8:00PM (PST), November 29th, 2023
Apply through Online Application Portal

Notification of Results
April, 2024

Application Instruction / Application Form
Download files (ZIP)(Contents of ZIP file: PDF, Word)

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