SHODO: Meditative Calligraphy to Find Your Inner Spirit


Well-being series
online workshop

Meditative Calligraphy to Find Your Inner Spirit

Date & Time:
thursday, November 10, 2022
7:00pm-8:30pm (PT)

this program will be held online, admission is free,

RSVP required (Click here)

Japanese calligraphy, or Shodo, is literally translated as “The way of writing”.  From a Zen point of view, it is a meditative activity to help you reach a mindful state.  With guest instructor Esteban Martinez, Founder of Gohitsu Shodo Kai (悟筆書道会 – The Enlightening Brush Japanese Calligraphy Association), we will learn through Shodo not just how to write the kanji correctly, but how to focus on yourself, find calmness, and discover your inner spirit from a Zen and martial arts approach.  Do not worry about making mistakes.  Slow down.  Let’s practice together the technicality of writing Kanji in harmony with your kiai (気合 – spiritual power)!


For the workshop, you will need the following materials:  

-A big brush (Shodo brush/ Oofude, or any big brush for painting)  
-Ink (Shodo Ink/ Bokuju/ Sumi, or watercolor)  
-Paper, letter-sized or larger (Hanshi, drawing paper or used newspaper)  
-No former experience in Shodo is necessary



Esteban Martinez  

Esteban Martinez is a cook, Japanese calligrapher, martial artist, and lay Zen Buddhist. He began Zen meditation in 1998, at age 17, while training in Aikido and Zen at Tenshinkan Dōjō in Chicago, IL under the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan. He continued training in Aikido and Zen at Zenshinkan Dōjō in Worcester, MA.  He is also a renowned Japanese calligrapher and is the founder of Gohitsu Shodō Kai, an independent western Japanese calligraphy (shodō) society with dozens of members worldwide. His shodō training integrates the technicality of writing Kanji with kiai (our spiritual power).  Today, Esteban continues his martial arts training in Aikido and Muay Thai. His Zen training is under Gordon Hakuun Greene Roshi, the head priest of Chōsei Zen's Spring Green Dojo.


Event Details:

  • Date Nov 10 , 2022
  • Hours 7:00PM-8:30PM (PT)
  • Venue Online
  • Admission Free, RSVP Required
  • Inquiries

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