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まいど!(Maido! = Hi!) , おおきに!(Okini! = Thank you!)…  
Does it sound familiar?   These are examples of Kansai dialect, spoken in the Kansai region (central-west area of Japan comprising Osaka and surrounding prefectures).  It is one of the most well-known and unique dialects in Japan.  You may have heard it when watching Japanese movies or while traveling in Kansai area. 
Now it is your turn to try speaking Kansai dialect.  It's fun to learn!
In this session, you will learn some characteristics of Kansai dialect and useful expressions.   You will learn the intonation, commonly used phrases and even grammatical rules!  Three native Kansai dialect instructors from the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai will teach you authentic Kansai dialect, and practice conversation with you!
ほなな~!(Hona na! = See you later!)

Japanese proficiency level: 
•    JLPT N4 level and above (JLPT level: https://www.jlpt.jp/e/about/levelsummary.html)
•    Able to understand “the plain form (such as -suru, -iru etc.)” 
The instruction will be given in Japanese only, however; some explanation in the PowerPoint will be written in English.

The workshop is limited to 30 participants (18 years and older)
Participants will be asked to have their camera video enabled for the duration of the workshop.

*This event is for Japanese language learners.


(from left to right)

Kazumi Matsui, Haruna Yamashita, Motoko Kamei

They are Japanese language specialists from Osaka and Kobe, and all of them are native speaker of Kansai dialect.





the japan foundation japanese-language institute, kansai

Japanese-language Institute, Kansai is an affiliated organization of the Japan Foundation and is located in Tajiri-cho, Osaka Prefecture.  The institute provides special Japanese-language training to people who require Japanese language for their specific duty or the purpose of research and also Japanese-learners' training in Japan to encourage Japanese-language learners overseas.

Event Details:

  • Date Feb 16 , 2022
  • Hours 7:00PM-8:30PM (PT)
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  • Admission
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