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The wonder of japanese fermented foods

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wednesday, APRIL 24, 2024

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Have you heard of the term "Hakko"?  It means fermentation in Japanese.  Japan boasts a rich variety of fermented foods, including natto, miso, sake, vinegar, and soy sauce.  These traditional foods and ingredients are deeply rooted in Japanese people’s life and culture. Today, fermented foods are increasingly receiving attention, and the word “hakko” is spreading around the world.
In this online lecture, “Hakko designer” Hiraku Ogura will delve into Japanese fermented foods, discussing their history, benefits, and global trends.  He will also showcase his work activities such as publications, hakko animations and songs, as well as a travel program called “fermentourism”. We invite you to explore the world of fermented foods and be amazed by its depth and possibilities!
This program is co-presented with TABLE FOR TWO USA and will include a short presentation about their food education program and annual spring campaign #EdamameChamp to promote healthy eating through Japanese cuisine focusing on SOY and to raise funds for teaching healthy eating to more children.

About Lecturer:

Hiraku Ogura (Fermentation Designer)
Born in Tokyo in 1983, Ogura studied fermentation as a research student at Tokyo University of Agriculture, before starting a fermentation lab in Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture. He holds workshops, creates picture books and animations, and develops products with brewers across the country with the aim of "using design to reveal the hidden workings of microorganisms." His "Temaemiso no Uta" ("Song of the home-made miso") won a Good Design Award 2014. He has also written "Fermentation Cultural Anthropology" (Kirakusha). You can follow him on his Japan-wide journey investigating the world of fermentation throughout the 47 prefectures on his blog. http://hirakuogura.com (unfortunately Japanese only)


This program is co-presented with TABLE FOR TWO USA.

Event Details:

  • Date Apr 24 , 2024
  • Hours 7PM - 8PM (PDT)
  • Venue Online
  • Admission Free, Registration Required
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