TANAGOKORO: Alternative Crafts by 16 Japanese Contemporary Artists



TANAGOKORO: Alternative Crafts by 16 Japanese Contemporary Artists


March 12 - May 28, 2022

5700 Wilshire Blvd., #100 Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Monday - Saturday 12 pm - 6 pm
Closed on Sundays, 4/29&4/30


(Face mask required.)


Tanagokoro references matters that virtually fit in the palm of one’s hand. As in Yasunari Kawabata’s book, Palm-of-the-Hand stories, the narratives are concise and portable, yet imbued with characteristic depth. The skills involved in handling tools highlight the premium placed on manual dexterity in Japanese culture. The centuries long investment in craft as the primary vehicle for the expression of aesthetic and spiritual values in Japan registers across the board in traditional folk, commercial and classical arts, from silk weaving to street fashion and anime. Tanagokoro exhibition introduces sixteen Japanese artists trained in traditional craft-making techniques yet committed to engaging contemporary issues and concerns. Please join us for this special exhibition as we reopen the Japan Foundation,  Los Angeles’ gallery space.

This exhibition is curated by Kio Griffith and organized by the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.


Featuring artist:

Nobuki Mizumoto 水本伸樹 (Hiroshima) - Wood
Chiaki Saito 齋藤千明 (Ibaraki) - Printmaking
Ayako Yokoyama よこやまあやこ (Nagano) - Lacquerware
Akihiro Yasugi 安来明宏 (Shimane) - Wood
Sakiko Ooba 大場咲子 (Ehime) - Etching
Akira Shikiya 志喜屋徹 (Okinawa) - Sculpture / Repurpose
Tengshing Kazama 風間天心 (Hokkaido) - Sculpture / Buddhism
Rie Takanokura 高野倉里枝 (Ibaraki) - Fiber
Mai Yasugi 矢杉麻衣 (Nagano) - Miniature Books
Masayuki Fukunishi 福西雅之 (Okayama) - Ceramics 
Naohiko Onodera 小野寺直彦 (Shimane) - Metal
Hirotoshi Ito 伊藤博敏 (Nagano) - Stone
Caori Fujita 藤田薫 (Hiroshima) - Lacquerware
Mokusi Morohasi 諸橋杢子 (Tokyo) - Wood
Atsushi Adachi 足立篤史(Kanagawa) - Sculpture / Print
Minako Kumagai 熊谷美奈子 (Saitama) - Sculpture / Paper




Event Details:

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