WAKU WAKU Cosplay 101


in-person lecture 

waku waku cosplay 101
saturday august 26, 2023


Welcome one and all to Cosplay! This event includes an overview of the important points of Cosplay, what to be careful about, and fun things you can do in and around LA.  Risa Light and Hamu Cotton share their experiences and pointers of cosplay and discuss the differences between cosplaying in America and Japan.
Learn a quick Japanese lesson on how to say some of your favorite character’s catchphrases in Japanese for when you want to show off your new cosplay prowess in videos!
Finally, take photos and enjoy mingling with your fellow cosplayers of all skill levels -- everyone is welcome to attend! In cosplay is OK too!


Risa Light
Risa Light is a passionate enthusiast of Japanese Pop Culture, especially in the realms of anime and idols. Her series "Risa’s Nihongo," which offers Japanese slang lessons, reaches audiences through Instagram and TikTok. Notably, she used to be a highly active cosplayer! She was invited as a cosplay guest to both domestic and international anime events, and she has even appeared in cosplay on TV before. She is also recognized as an event organizer, MC, translator, content creator, and singer!




Hamu Cotton
Hamu Cotton is a Japanese cosplay performance YouTuber and Influencer based in the SoCal area. She combines her favorite hobbies and passions—dancing, singing, performing, makeup, and film—to bring her favorite anime characters to life. Follow her social media to keep updated on her next activities and projects!


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