Special Event in Anchorage


Saturday, September 16 at 4:00pm (AKDT)

University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508

Samurai Workshop: (UAA Lucy Cuddy Hall***) 4:00pm-5:00pm
Movie: (UAA Rasmuson Hall 101) 5:20pm-7:00pm

Admission is Free, Reservation Required 
Click here for Workshop
Click here for Screening

We're taking one of our most popular events to Anchorage, Alaska!

Locals and students from the University of Alaska Anchorage will have the chance to take part in the kinds of sword fight performances only seen in samurai movies!  The Japanese acting group, “Burai,” will teach participants sword handling, sword fighting, and how to speak like a samurai.  

After this action-packed 60-minute workshop, enjoy the comedy movie "Samurai Cat" (2014) about a samurai who used to be a feared swordsman, saving an adorable white cat.  Join us and unleash your inner samurai!

*Workshop participants will be provided with a paper “sword”, and instruction will be given in English.  This is an event for the entire family to enjoy! (Under 18 years old should be accompanied by an adult.)
**Parking is free on the main campus on Saturday.
***Workshop Venue Change: The workshop will be held inside Cuddy Hall due to the weather forecast of 80% rain this Saturday.  The workshop was originally scheduled to be held outdoors (Cuddy Quad) as indicated on the flyer, but we have moved the workshop indoors.

University of Alaska Anchorage Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language & Culture


about performers/ instructors:
Burai Productions

A Japanese Entertainment Group based in California.
Projects include “How To Measure Happiness (Egyptian Extension Theatre, 2011)”, “BURAI -Standing All Alone-(Theatre Theater, 2014)”, “BURAI -Standing All Alone-(Aratani Theatre, 2015)”.  

Since 2016, they have been in events such as Anaheim Japan Fair/Long Beach Japan Fair/LANSCA 60th Anniversary Special Event/ Nisei Obon Festival/Nisei week Fashion Show/Geisha Fashion Show/Coedo Beer Event/Suntory Beer Event(Okayama Kobo&Bizen Bar)Japan Expo/Ninjya Convention /OC Japan Fair/Ronin Expo/Tokyo City Cup/Beer and Sake at Harrah's Casino. 


(100MINS, 2014)
In Japanese with English Subtitles

Starring acclaimed actor Kazuki Kitamura as Kyutaro Madarame, a masterless Samurai, the madcap NEKO SAMURAI wonders aloud: “what if we mashed up two of Japan’s most beloved cultural icons, the samurai and the cat?” The result: one of the most delightfully cute comedies to come from Japan in some time.  A dog-loving clan hires Madarame, penniless and out of work; his task is to assassinate the prized white cat of a rival, cat-loving clan (the two clans have been fiercely battling for centuries, we learn). But when Madarame melts at the sight of the cat, failing at his duty and kidnapping the feline, both clans seek to exact revenge—on the samurai himself, and the imminent showdown will test the newly-inaugurated “cat person.”


Event Details:

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