July, 2011: Breeze Issue #45

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Greeting From The Director


Summer is usually a season of relaxation for everyone who is getting ready for some fun under the sun. At JFLA, however, this is one of the busiest moments of the year, especially this July. Starting from our participation in Anime Expo 2011 at LA Convention Center, we are sending 32 hard working Japanese language learners to Japan, and we are receiving 15 Japanese language assistant teachers from Japan. For more details of these activities, please read this following e-newsletter and let the breeze keep you cool in this heat.

Misako Ito, Director


J-LEAP Update

On July 6th, five J-LEAP assistants along with 95 Japanese language teachers going to the United States on the MEXT program made a courtesy visit to the US Embassy to greet Ambassador Roos.


JET Memorial Invitation Program – Official Press Release

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles has released the Official Press Release regarding the upcoming JET Memorial Invitation Program. In addition to the previous information that was published, the press document also includes an itinerary of the orientation leg of the trip, which will be conducted in San Francisco as well as the full list of participants.


2011 JLPT – Update

The JLPT Administration Committee in the United States has released information on the registration process for the 2011 Test. This year, the registration period will last one month from September 1st to 30th and we will only be accepting applications by mail. Payment must be made in the form of a personal check or postal money order. For additional information, please visit the following URL: JLPT.


Click here for full imageLost Kids - Kaze
"Chanbara", Samurai Stories
with exciting Japanese sword fighting

Venue: David Henry Hwang Theatre
Date: July 29th - August 7th, 2011


1st Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP) International Translation Competition

JLPP has announced the 1st International Translation Competition to discover and foster brilliant translators who can help introduce and spread modern Japanese literature throughout the world. Applicants need to translate two works, one novel and one critique or essay, from the available texts in to either English or German. For additional information regarding rules, dates, and application, please visit the following URL: http://www.jlpp.go.jp/en/competition/index.html.


Full-time Lecturer in Japanese-Language in New York

The Japan Foundation, New York (JFNY) invites applicants for a Lecturer in Japanese Language effective late August, 2011 in New York. With our many years of experience and achievements in Japanese Language Education, the courses will be based on "JF Standards" which our Headquarters in Japan have developed during the past few years. Review of applications will begin immediately. Applications must arrive by July 22nd, 2011. Interviews will be held in New York. Download Brochure!


Wochi Kochi Tohoku Earthquake Tribute Issue

It has been 3 months since the Tohoku Earthquake that struck Japan on and the latest issue of Wochi Kochi magazine examines Japanese society after 3/11. From the youth movement to social culture, a three man discussion was held on May, 26th to discuss these issues. Other stories include volunteer activities by foreigners living in Japan with a focus on Tuychiev Kukhiddin, an Uzbekistan national, a workshop for kids in Spain to write message for Japan, and the activities of Peace Wind Japan, an NGO dedicated to the support of people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. Currently, Wochi Kochi is only published in Japanese, but an English version is currently in development. Please visit the following URL to read the latest issue: http://www.wochikochi.jp/.



The AIR_J website is dedicated to disseminating information about the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) programs across Japan in both Japanese and English. AIR is a short term residence program to support creative activities of artists, creators and scholars offered by the Japan Foundation. Interested individuals can use the SEARCH feature to find information on all available programs such as grant, studio, and accommodations. A database of artists who have previously participated in this program is also available. Other useful information includes articles by artists and books about the program. Please visit their website at the following URL: http://air-j.info/.


2011 Anime Expo Event Report

The All Japan group consisting of the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles, the Japan National Tourism Organization, and the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles hosted a booth at Anime Expo for the third consecutive year. Our goal at the event was to promote Japanese language and culture to the youth at the event who are undoubtedly interested in one aspect of Japanese pop culture and we hope this can lead to others. This year, we offered activities similar to those in the past including opportunities to dress-up in our samurai outfit, name writing in Katakana, and a general survey on all aspects of Japan. We also gave out promotional goods such as posters, brochures, and various other goods developed by all three organizations. There were over 1000 visitors to our booth this year and we hope to be back again next year to promote the services provided by all three organizations.


Present Condition of Overseas Japanese-Language Education
Survey Report on Japanese-Language Education Abroad 2009

During the 2009 fiscal year, the Japan Foundation conducted its most recent survey on the conditions of Japanese-language education worldwide. The summary of the results of that survey is now available in both English and Japanese from the main Japan Foundation website and we have provided the links below. From the survey, we found out that there are slightly over 3.5 million students studying the Japanese-langauge worldwide with 141,244 students in the United States. Both figures showed an increase in the number of learners compared to the 2006 survey. The number of institutions and teachers also increased in 2009 with 1,206 institutions and 3,541 teachers. Please take a minute to review the results of the survey.
Summary Report in English
Summary Report in Japanese


Staff Update

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles continues to grow this summer with the addition of two new members to our team. Ms. Maiko Murakami arrived from Japan in the middle of June and will be serving as Program Administrator for our new J-LEAP and Japanese-language courses program. Mr. Hiroki Kaifu will be helping us in the office as an intern this summer. He will be assisting us on several projects while he is here. We hope you will help us in welcoming our new additions.