Lecture: Squids, Our Long-Term Friends Save the World

JFLA Lecture Series 51

Squid Lecture, Our Long-Term Friends Save the World

Lecturer: Dr. Satoshi Tomano

Date & Time:
Thursday, June 28, 2018 7pm

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
(5700 Wilshire Blvd., #100 Los Angeles, CA 90036)

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Along with tuna and salmon, squid is one of the most popular seafood in Japan, and its presence in Japanese culture cannot be overstated.  Japan is the number one consumer of squid in the world and it has been recorded that people in Japan started eating squids about 1300 years ago.
With its high-protein and rich amino acids, squid has many benefits.  With its environmental adaptability and rapid growth as a species, squid has the potential to be developed as a marine resource and could be ideal in improving the global food shortage which faces us today.
In this lecture, squid lover and biologist Dr. Tomano, who has researched squid both in Japan and the US, will talk about the long-term relationship between Japanese and squid, its amazing life, and the benefits of squid as food.
In the following reception, there will be a sample of Japanese delicacies using squids offered to attendees.

About Lecturer:

Dr. Satoshi Tomano is the Overseas Research Fellow of the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS), and Assistant Project Scientist at UCLA Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He obtained his PhD at Hiroshima University, Japan in 2017 working on ecology and conservation of reef squid. His primary research interest is conservation of living marine resources. He is currently focused on distribution and diversity of reef squid at the Pacific region.  

Dr. Tomano was born into a family that manages a fishing and oyster business and so has been closely acquainted with the ocean and marine life since his childhood.  He has appeared in local TV and radio programs in Japan.  His hobby is fishing.




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