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2/26/2020@ 7PM


Life and Death Depicted through A Ronin’s Point of View

 (80mins, 2018)

Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto


The first samurai period film from Shinya Tsukamoto who has captured international attention with Tetsuo The Iron Man and Fires on the Plain among others. Questions about life and death are brought into the open through ronin earnestly living in a farming village during the turbulent times of the late Edo period.

250 years free of warfare have impoverished samurai in the late Edo period. Tsuzuki Mokunoshin (Sosuke Ikematsu) has also left his fiefdom and lives with a farming family. He practices his swordsmanship by sparring with neighbor Ichisuke (Ryusei Maeda). He has also become close with Ichisuke's elder sister, Yu (Yu Aoi). One day the three witness a duel taking place within the grounds of a shrine.


In Japanese with English subtitles

*This film contains some adult material. Viewer discretion is advised.

ClickHere to Watch the Trailer

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