The Art of Subtitling: Working behind the Scenes

Tuesday, november 7, 2017, 7PM
Free Admission, RSVP required

With the growing popularity of Japanese movies and animation, the demand for Japanese to English visual media translation is skyrocketing.
For audiences who cannot understand the original language, subtitles play a vital role in making movies entertaining. To translate dialogue into good subtitles requires special techniques to draw out the original meaning as well as the entertainment value of the movie with only a limited number of words.
In talking about how movie translation fulfills an important role behind the scenes, a professional from the industry will introduce the actual process of translating and its enjoyment.  During the lecture, we will demonstrate good and bad translations using professional subtitling software and video clips from a couple of Japanese movies.  This lecture is co-presented by Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy (JVTA).


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