Chill out at the library with great Japanese books, coffee, and jazz selections. Come and get a free one-year membership!


Java and Jazz Library Lounge

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Enjoy an evening in the JFLA Library with great books, coffee roasted and brewed Japanese pour-over style by DCR and Japanese Jazz handpicked by our director, Hideki Hara. Stop by anytime between 6-8pm and receive a free one-year membership to the JFLA Library!


Thursday, December 3, 2015 from 6:00-8:00pm.    


Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90036
All ages welcome.

 FREE admission, no reservation required.  
 *Street parking is available near JFLA.



About DCR

DCR is a one of a kind coffee roaster based in Los Angeles. The Roastmaster brings the most delicate art of coffee roasting from Japan as well as the traditional Japanese pour-over brewing technique. DCR's roast is very strictly controlled to find the best roasting point of each coffee. Japanese Roast is slightly darker than typical American Roast; the coffee beans are lower in acidity and full of all kinds of flavor characteristics.


Japanese pour-over style

Japanese pour-over style brewing has a long history, it is used to extract finer parts of the coffee into a cup and eliminate its off-taste as much as possible. As a result, a cup of coffee prepared in pour-over method is clean and sophisticated.


Japanese Jazz

While it may come as somewhat of a surprise, Japan has, according to some estimates, the largest proportion of jazz fans in the world. And like the Japanese coffee brewing style, Japanese jazz cafés (jazu kissa) have also been around for a long time opening the first in 1933 in Yokohama, and subsequently inspired many other jazz cafés to open domestically and abroad.