Reduced Kabuki play narrated and sung by one man, with shamisen demonstration. Don’t miss this chance to experience a unique theatrical art from Japan!  (English subtitles provided)


Admission Free
Reservation Required

Kunitoshi Kineya, a one-of-a-kind Nagauta shamisen player, will come to the US in October for a US tour. Nagauta, which literally means “long song” in Japanese, is a classical style of Japanese music which traditionally accompanies Kabuki Theater. Kunitoshi specializes in performing pieces from the Nagauta repertoire on the shamisen, a three-stringed fretless lute.


His concert will consist of two parts: the first will be a shamisen demonstration in which he will explain the significance of Nagauta music.  In the second part, he will perform “Kurozuka”, a classic Kabuki piece.




Kunitoshi Solo Live
Den no Kai Digest


Painting used with permission from artist Torii Kiyomitsu

Honolulu, HI
October 5, 7:30PM

Mamiya Theater
Saint Louis Center for the Arts

(3142 Waialae Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816)

Co-organized by
Consulate-General of Japan in Honolulu 

Portland, OR

October 8, 7PM

Lincoln Studio Theater
Portland State University
(1620 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97201)

Co-organized by
Portland State University Center for Japanese Studies
Consular Office of Japan in Portland 

Los Angeles, CA

October 10, 7:30PM

David Henry Hwang Theater
East West Players
(120 N. Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA 90012)

Reservation Required

Co-organized by
Consulate-General of Japan in Los Angeles


Kunitoshi Kineya has been active for nearly 40 years performing and composing pieces on the shamisen, a traditional Japanese instrument. He began playing Nagauta shamisen when he was just eighteen years old, after being captivated by its fascinating tone and rich history. It was not long before he decided he would become a professional player and performer. He has performed with leading Kabuki actors including Tamasaburo Bando among many others, and has also composed stage music for not only Kabuki Theater groups, but for original theater plays of his as well.  As a solo performer, Kunitoshi has made it his mission to inspire an appreciation for Nagauta in those who may not know about or have any particular interest in the art form. Kunitoshi accomplishes this by putting an emphasis on the fun aspects of Nagauta and by using his enthusiasm on stage to engage younger audience members in this traditional music. Audiences everywhere are mesmerized by his immense talent and engaging stage presence.