JFLA Lecture Series 28 

Delicious Devotion:
Soulful Vegetarian Cooking for the Body & Mind

Lecturer: Reverend Masami Asao


Tuesday, June 9  @7PM

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
(5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90036)

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Admisson: Free

*Note: Lecture only. No cooking demonstration or tasting.
Lecture will be in Japanese with English interpretation. 


"Shojin ryori" is the Japanese term for Buddhist devotional cuisine, which is usually vegetarian or vegan and is based on the Dharmic concept of non-violence. "Shojin" means devotion to the pursuit of the perfect state of mind, banishing worldly thoughts and striving for perfection at each stage. The preparation of shojin ryori is in and of itself a devotional practice.

On June 9, the Reverend Masami Asao, Dietician and Head of Akasaka Teran, a Buddhist vegetarian cooking school located within Jokokuji Temple in Tokyo, will give a lecture regarding the origin, ingredients, and philosophy of Buddhism-based cooking. What is there to be learned or gained from shojin ryori, and how has it evolved over the many centuries it has been in existence? What ingredients are used in this cuisine and how are they prepared to provide simple sustenance without skimping on flavor? She will answer these questions and more in her lecture which is sure to stimulate both mind and palette.


About the lecturer

TERAN Masami Asao
Teran Asao Masami

Head of Akasaka Teran (National Registered Dietitian).
Graduate of the Department of Food Science, Sagami Women's University. 
Assistant temple helper of Jokokuji Buddhist Temple.
She is active both in temple operations and as a National Registered Dietitian.

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Tokyo Dietary Education Promotion Network