JFLA Lecture Series 22

Superheroes Set Side-by-Side:
A Cultural Comparison Between Japanese and American Superheroes 


Thursday, September 11, 7PM

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
(5700 Wilshire Blvd. # 100, Los Angeles, CA 90036)

Admission: Free

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The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles invites Mr. Masaki Kaifu, Founder and CEO of Wowmax Media, LLC. to give a lecture on the interesting contrasts between the distinctive worlds of both Japanese anime/manga heroes and American superheroes. Stan Lee ushered in a new era of comic books with superheroes such as Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, etc. In this lecture, Mr. Kaifu will compare and contrast the creative processes of American superhero creators such as Stan Lee with those of Japanese manga/anime atists.

What are the fundamental differences between Japanese superheroes such as Gatchaman, Sailor Moon, and One Piece and their American counterparts such as Superman, Iron Man, and Spider-Man? In his presentation, Mr. Kaifu will elaborate on how the cultures out of which these characters are born play a large role in establishing their essence and even outward appearance.

Mr. Kaifu will also explain how well anime/manga characters are loved by Japanese people of all ages and, as a result, how omnipresent they are in society from major enterprises to local governments. You will learn how Japanese society is the haven of various characters and be surprised by their eccentric and diverse natures.

He will also discuss the successes and failures of trying to export Japanese characters into the U.S., and the hardships experienced by Japanese IP businesses.


Lecturer: Masaki Kaifu
Founder and CEO of Wowmax Media, LLC.


Masaki has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment and television business with business expertise in licensing and importing Japanese content to the US and Europe, as well as exporting US content to Asia. As Head of the Anime Division and Chief of the Film Department at WOWOW (Japan's first premium satellite and cable network), he finalized the licensing agreements with major Hollywood film studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks. He has produced over 20 anime titles and more than 40 television programs in Japan. His first entertainment related position was at the Tokyo Broadcasting System (a major terrestrial network in Japan). In addition, he has a vast network in the political and business world from his position as an Assistant to the Prime Minister of Japan.