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Free Japanese Cinema Screening

The Devil's Path

Wednesday, July 27 @ 7pm 

Journalist Shuichi Fujii (Takayuki Yamada) receives a letter from convicted killer Junji Sudo (Pierre Taki). Writing from death row, Sudo wants to confess to further crimes. Visiting Sudo in prison, Fujii learns of real estate broker "Doc,"( Lily Franky) the mastermind behind a string of murders.
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Making Sushi in Japanese
Thursday, August 25 @ 7pm
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Experience sushi like never before in this popular workshop!  Learn to make different types of sushi, order sushi in Japanese, and eat them!  A professional sushi chef will instruct participants during the sushi-making, and our language instructors will teach them useful vocabulary and expressions as well as manners and customs related to sushi.
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Lecture Series 34
Feel the Beat! Taiko Across the Pacific
Thursday, August 11 @ 7pm
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The art form of Japanese taiko drumming is practiced across the globe – not only in Japan, but in other parts of Asia, Europe, South America, and of course, the United States. Is there a difference in the way taiko is performed throughout the world?
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JF Nihongo Fall Term
Sep. 10 - Nov. 19
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We offer unique and exciting language courses, the JF Nihongo (Nihongo=Japanese), which are based on the Japan Foundation’s JF Standard.  These courses focus on how well learners can do things in practical settings. Using materials from Japanese daily life, you will enjoy these friendly, interactive, and above all, fun courses.  Register by August 26 and get 10% off discount!
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Call for Grant Application
U.S. and European Museum
Infrastructure Support Program
Deadline: July 25, 2016

This program aims to provide the Japanese art divisions of major museums in the field of Japanese art with various support to develop human resources and art collections, which are important components of an infrastructure for museum activities, and to further promote the exhibition of Japanese art to local people. Since support will be provided to the selected institutions for more than one year, we do not necessarily solicit applications every year.
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International Japanese Essay
Contest for Japanese Language
Deadline: August 10

On the 100th anniversary of the death of Natsume Soseki, The Asahi Shimbun and three other organizations will jointly hold an international Japanese essay contest on the influential Japanese author.  First and second prize winners will be invited to a symposium in Tokyo!
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