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Japan in Asia Film Series #2

Fly Me to Minami
Wednesday, May 11 @7pm

Sherine (Sherine Wong), a talented editor of a leading Hong Kong fashion magazine was ordered to come to Osaka suddenly during winter holiday season.  Because the assignment was in such a short notice, she could not get hold of professional photographers.  Instead Sherine’s friend Naomi introduced her brother Tatsuya (Kenji Kohashi), an armature photographer for Sherine’s disposal.
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Japan in Asia Film Series #3

Hand in the Glove
Wednesday, May 25 @7pm

Prince Ariel of the Kingdom of Levelle (Chanon Rikulsurakan), together with his minder, Chris (Selina Wiesmann), visit a Kumamoto hotel for a secret holiday, where Hide (Eisuke Sasai), an old friend of Prince Ariel’s father, works as the general manager.  Immediately after arriving, the prince attempts to wander off by himself, but is discovered by Chris and returned to his hotel room.
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Japan in Asia Film Series #4

The Black Square
Wednesday, June 8 @7pm

Struggling painter Zhao Ping (Chen Xixiu) lives in the outskirts of Beijing. One day he becomes captivated by a painting called the "Black Square," which is completely black. The next day he chases the black object as it flies through the air, and he encounters a naked man (Hideo Nakaizumi)…

Let's chat in Japanese!

Thursday, June 9, 6:30-8pm
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Come join our casual conversation café!  Stop by anytime!  You’ll enjoy conversation with native Japanese speakers while having Japanese tea & snacks! All levels are welcome!  Bring your friends with you!

Pronunciation Pedagogy Workshop for Japanese
OJAD and its use for practical prosody training of Japanese
Sat. May 28, 9am-2:30pm

One day workshop for Japanese teachers to introduce a web-based system for Japanese prosody training called OJAD (Online Japanese Accent Dictionary), and to demonstrate a class given from a famous teacher of Japanese in Beijing for his unique and intensive speech training.  Admission is free.  Register by May 20.
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