Explore the Home of Japanese Mythology: Shimane

Thursday, october 5, 2017, 7PM
Free Admission, RSVP required

Shimane, a prefecture located in the northwest of Honshū, is known as the “Province of the Gods" and is rich in Shinto-based Japanese mythology and folklore. In Shimane, there are many landmarks and sites from Japanese mythology and folklore such as the “the Underworld” (Yomotsu Hirasaka), the “Birthplace of Sake”, and many others including Izumo Taisha where all deities in Japan gather once a year in Kami-ari-zuki.  In this lecture, Shinto priest Izumi Hasegawa will show us Shimane’s charm and its relation to mythology and the Japanese traditions of Shinto.  She will also provide us with useful information for travel in Shimane.


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