Family Fun Sunday
at The Shoseian Tea House and Friendship Garden
Located in Brand Park, Glendale (1601 West Mountain St., Glendale, CA 91201)

Sunday, January 21, 2018
*All Programs are FREE and NO Reservation Necessary.

Come and experience easy Japanese craft-making and watch a demonstration of Japanese Noh-performance by a renowned master from Kyoto. Immerse your kids and yourself in Japanese culture for the whole day on Sunday.


@11AM  Palm Leaf Craft (all ages)

Make a grasshopper with palm leaves!
Easy to make and so realistic!



1PM  Kite-making (all ages)

Color your kite as you like and watch it fly high!



3PM  Noh Demonstration

Japanese Noh Acting Demonstration by Master Michikazu Taneda who has been designated as Important Intangible Cultural Heritage. See for yourself which part of Noh did you not understand!




This Event is Co-Presented By

Friends of Shoseian