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10/12/2019@ 6PM

You cannot help loving a Mameshiba puppy. Heartwarming road movie

(106mins, 2018)

Directed by Toru Kamei



A film adaptation of the TV series which depicts the journey of a middle aged man with a two-month old puppy in search of his mother who has run away from home. The film has a rich lineup of established actors from TV dramas, films and stage performances under their belts, including Jiro Sato who stars in this film.


One day Jiro (Jiro Sato), a 35-year old unemployed male who has never stepped out of his town, runs into Ichiro, a Mameshiba puppy with a red scarf around its neck. Ichiro turns out to be a puppy Jiro's runaway mother had sent for her family to come looking for her.


*In Japanese with English subtitles

Click Here to Watch the Trailer (Japanese Trailer)