8/30/2017@ 7PM

Studio Ghibli's Touching Animated Ode to the Cycle of Life

The Red Turtle  (80MINS, 2016)

Directed by Michaël Dudok de Wit


For Studio Ghibli's first international co-production, they invited Dutch filmmaker Michael Dudok de Wit to create his first feature-length film. The result, after eight years of work, is a breathtaking, original fable about a shipwrecked man's struggle to escape a deserted island, and the unexpected course his life takes when he's prevented from leaving by the titular sea creature.

The film dispenses with spoken dialogue, instead allowing Dudok de Wit's vivid, meticulously rendered visuals to guide us through a lush natural landscape that contains both unimaginable hardships and simple, potent truths about family, aging and life.
(Mike Dougherty)

*This film has no dialogue.

Click HERE to watch the Trailer.