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Free to attend. Reservation is not required.
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7/25/2018@ 7PM

The Comical Tale of Nine Merchants’ Secret Resistance to the Samurai Class

The Magnificent Nine(殿、利息でござる!)(129mins, 2016)

Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura

©2016 “The Magnificent Nine” Film Partners

A film adaptation of Michifumi Isoda's original novel which is based on a true story from the middle Edo Period. This film comically depicts the efforts of Yoshiokajuku, an inn town in Sendai fief, to save themselves from impoverishment by running a moneylending enterprise against the fiefdom.

On the verge of financial crisis, the Sendai fiefdom levies a heavy tax upon its residents resulting in bankruptcies and people fleeing town in succession. Nine people including Juzaburo Kokudaya (Sadawo Abe), devise a relief plan to loan money to the fief with a partner and distribute the interest among the residents.


*In Japanese with English subtitles

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