School Meals Time Final Battle


School Meals Time Final Battle
 (102mins, 2020)

In Japanese with English subtitles
Directed by Shinya Ayabe

Screening: Wednesday, March 24, 7PM – Thursday, March 25, 7PM(PDT)
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*Pre-screening Mini Lecture: Wednesday, March 24 @6:30PM(PDT)
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©2020 School Meals Time Film Partners

Feature film adaptation of the comedy about the "quiet battle" between a teacher and student who are obsessed with school lunches.

The year is 1984. Teacher Amarida (Hayato Ichihara) is crazy about school lunches, and he gets the shock of his life when school lunches are slated to be removed from the school. Amarida's student Kamino (Taishi Sato) competes with him to see who can enjoy the school lunch more, and then Kamino declares that he will run for student council to bring about a school lunch revolution. New teacher Misono (Rena Takeda) watches their drama unfold. Can Amarida protect the school lunches that he loves so much?


There is a pre-screening mini lecture regarding Japanese school lunch by former JET program assistant language teacher, Mr. Jon Harwell.

Lecturer: Jon Harwell
Originally from South Korea, Jon was raised in Hawai'i and started his connection with Japan in high school, when he began studying Japanese as his foreign language. He then earned a B.A. degree in Japanese Studies from WIllamette University and moved to Oita prefecture through The JET Program as an Assistant Language Teacher. During his three years in Oita, he taught at six elementary and two junior high schools. He regularly enjoyed eating school lunch with his elementary school students, while discussing the meal itself and exchanging silly stories. Jon currently lives in Los Angeles and remains active in promoting Japan-US relations through working at The Mainichi Newspapers as a News Researcher and serving as Co-President for The JET Alumni Association of Southern California and Arizona.





This screening is partnershipped with Filmination which is a Japanese trading company specialized in selling Japanese movies to global VODs.

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