Full Moon Night Wellness Wednesday


virtual wellness wednesdays special event

full moon night

Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday, May 26
6:20pm-6:50pm (30min session)


Celebrating full moon Wednesday night, we will offer an evening version of “Wellness Wednesdays”.  Usually, we virtually offer either Bilingual Yoga or Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl during the lunchtime every Wednesday.  On this special occasion, both instructors will join together in the evening and you will experience both yoga and meditation in one virtual session on JFLA's Facebook Live! 

In the quiet relaxing setting at your home, stretch your body by Hikaru’s English & Japanese instruction while absorbing sounds by Yuki’s Japansese singing bowls.  The full moon power will help to release your stress and give you energy!

No reservation is necessary.  No need to have a FB account.  Just visit our Facebook page! 

Did you miss the live broadcasting?  You can watch the session on YouTube (Click here). 

Bilingual Yoga
by Hikaru

Hikaru was born in Japan and is a native speaker of Japanese. She has been practicing yoga since 2008 and after years of studying yoga, she found Iyengar yoga. Iyengar yoga has changed her very inspiration for life and Hikaru had developed a deeper connection to yoga ever since then. She has been under the mentor of Lisa Walford and has had the opportunity to study twice with BKS Iyengar’s daughter, Geeta, in Pune, India. At the moment she is also receiving meditation training from Bhikkkhu Dhammaananda.
Grateful for her fortune to have learned from such outstanding teachers, she had eventually developed the aspiration to teach. Hikaru hopes to spread their teachings and knowledge as well as her own to future students.


Meditation with Singing Bowl 
by Yuki Uwasawa

Yuki Uwasawa is CMT (Certified Massage Therapist in CA), Sound Body Healing, Shiatsu Practitioner, Deep Massage Practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher (K.R.I Certificate of Training).  She moved to California in 1989 and soon after developed an interest in body work (massage, healing) which she began studying in 1991. Throughout the nineties Yuki studied numerous types of massage and body healing by attending workshops at various schools including the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Massage School of Santa Monica, Esalen Institute, and La Stone, to name a few. Yuki first experienced the healing properties of sound through singing bowl in 2016 and has been practicing sound healing since. Her singing bowl used in the meditation sessions is called "Singing Ring".

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Lunchtime virtual program: Wellness Wednesdays 

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles offers a "Wellness Wednesdays" program on every Wednesday at lunchtime. Check the  schedule as follows.   

April 28: "Virtual" Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl (12:30pm)
May 5: "Virtual" Bilingual Yoga (12:30pm)
May 12: "Virtual" Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl (12:30pm)
May 19: "Virtual" Bilingual Yoga (12:30pm)
June 2: "Virtual" Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl (12:30pm)
June 9: "Virtual" Bilingual Yoga (12:30pm)
June 16: "Virtual" Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl (12:30pm)
June 23: "Virtual" Bilingual Yoga (12:30pm)
June 30: "Virtual" Meditation with Japanese Singing Bowl (12:30pm)


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