Onigiri: Ever-Evolving Japanese Soul Food



Onigiri: Ever-Evolving Japanese Soul Food

Date & Time

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
7 pm (PT)



The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles is proud to support the Onigiri Action campaign presented by TABLE FOR TWO USA (TFT). Onigiri Action is an annual social good campaign that aims to provide 1 million school meals to children around the world.  This will be our 7th year that we have teamed up with TFT to present this supportive event and we are excited to invite you to join us once again. 

In this event, you will learn about this year’s campaign theme and how to participate in the campaign. Then, you will deepen your knowledge about onigiri (rice ball) through a presentation by Yusuke Nakamura, chairperson of the Onigiri Society in Japan. He will talk about the fascinating history, facts, and recent trends about onigiri, a simple yet ever-evolving Japanese food.  Following the presentation, we will show you simple steps to make both a traditional onigiri and unique “State” theme onigiri using readily available ingredients. 

This event is co-organized with TABLE FOR TWO USA

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