Making japanese sweets
sat. december 17 at 1:30pm

Traditional Japanese sweets are called “wagashi” (wa = Japanese; gashi/ kashi=sweets/ confections) in Japanese, and are simply made of bean paste, rice and fruits.  Wagashi is often designed in the shape of objects from nature and served according to the season and seasonal events.  It is an exquisite example of Japan’s beautiful, delicate, and delicious food culture.

In this workshop, you will learn to give greetings using seasonal words, and useful expressions for occasions when you are invited for tea, such as compliments, by a JF Nihongo language instructor.  Then, you will learn basic knowledge about wagashi and make wagashi with a guest instructor, Yoko Isassi.  She will introduce you to basic yet modernized versions of wagashi.  At the end, you will taste your creation with a cup of hot green tea.  Come and enjoy Japanese sweet time with us!

This workshop is suitable for beginners of learning Japanese and we welcome those who have no experience at all.

(Photos are from Yoko's past class.)

  • Dates: Sat. December 17, 2016
  • Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm
  • Age: 18 and older
  • Fee: $20/ person
      • Menu & Ingredients

Daifuku: shiratama rice flour, sugar, red beans, strawberry

Chocolate filled mochi: dark chocolate, shiratama rice flour, sugar

  • Guest instructor: Yoko Issasi

Yoko Issasi is the founder of Foodstory, a company that’s committed to presenting educational and entertaining experiences for food lovers, home cooks, and travelers through the Japanese culinary arts.  Yoko’s first production, “Traveling with Sushi” class, offered participants the chance to sample different types of sushi tastings while learning about Sushi’s thousand year history. This production ignited Yoko’s profound interest in food history and regional food varieties throughout the Japanese islands, which eventually led her to opportunities to serve as a guest lecturer and panelist including at the “American Sushi History” event held at The National American Museum in Washington DC.

Yoko started teaching Japanese home cooking workshops in Los Angeles in 2012 and she has taught over 100 people every month. For the past few years, her passion for Japanese food has also been channeled into creating and curating seasonal culinary tours in Japan. She is currently developing 12 regional and season-based culinary tours throughout the different areas of Japan.


Miracle Mile:
The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
5700 Wilshire Blvd. #100, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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