J-LEAP  (Japanese Language Education Assistant Program)


What is J-LEAP?

This program brings Native Japanese Language Assistant Teachers (ATs) to  K-12 educational institutions in the U.S. for up to two years to strengthen their Japanese language programs as well as create opportunities to nurture a new generation of qualified Japanese language teachers. The program started in 2011 and is jointly administrated by The Japan Foundation (JF) and The Laurasian Institution (TLI). Currently we have a total of 23 ATs in 19 different states nationwide.

List of Year 1 (2011-2013 cycle)

List of Year 2 (2012-2014 cycle)

List of Year 3 (2013-2015 cycle)

List of Year 4 (2014-2016 cycle)

List of Year 5 (2015-2017 cycle)

Bringing an AT into the classroom gives students the opportunity to hear and learn authentic Japanese language from a different Japanese speaker, to interact with a native Japanese speaker (or a different native speaker), and to be exposed to authentic communication between the Japanese language teacher and AT.

The community gains a AT who can also serve as a cultural ambassador by  engaging in cultural events and activities in the area.

 The ATs participating in J-LEAP are native Japanese language speakers, and hold a Bachelor's degree (or higher) in Japanese language education as a major or minor or Japanese-language teaching competency certification; or have completed a 420-hour professional development program for teachers of the Japanese language.

The AT’s compensation is fully covered by JF; therefore, participation in the program is a cost-effective way to provide additional support to a Japanese language and culture program.

application for 2015-2017 host organization has begun! 

We look for Host Organizations that:

  • žAre U.S. K-12 schools offering Japanese language courses
  • Are willing to expand and invigorate their Japanese language courses with the addition of a Japanese AT
  • žCan find a host family to accommodate the AT for the first 3 months
  • Can appoint a Japanese language teacher as a Lead Teacher to support the AT during his/her term
  • Can provide basic working environment, such as desk space and parking

Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

J-LEAP Prospectus
J-LEAP Flyer

Host Organization Application Form (PDF)
Host Organization Application Form (MS Word)

The Laurasian Institution: http://www.laurasian.org/Programs.htm


For More information, please contact:

The Japan Foundation Los Angeles

Tel: 323-761-7510 (Ext: 105)

E-mail: jflajleap@jflalc.org