The mad engineers at our Headquarters in Japan have been working hard to develop educational websites for teachers and learners of Japanese. Have fun learning Japanese whether it is with Erin and Honigon or enjoying manga through our interactive learning portal.



MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) is a website where users can learn about Japanese language and culture alongside     the contents of "Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture", a coursebook which uses the JF Standard as a basis.

Minna no kyozai

The Japan Foundation launched the Minna no Kyôzai Japanese version in May 2002 and the English version in November 2004. The Japan Foundation is aiming to help Japanese-language teachers from all over the world produce teaching materials that are suited to every local learner.

Erin's Challenge!

Begining Japanese-language course "Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese."   starring Ellie Toyota and Kana Kurashina (aird on NHK World and available on   DVD) is now on the Web!

Nihongo de care-navi

Japanese-English / English-Japanese dictionary with useful expressions in   nursing and caretaking scenes for supporting your Japanese Language learning.

Japanese in Anime and manga

Japanese anime and manga are really popular with young people all over the   world today. This is an e-learning website for those who want to learn Japanese   from anime and manga. Users can study expression distinctive of characters with   audio playback or words used in specific genre, such as LOVE, through quizzes.   It’s a fun way to learn Japanese!

Nihongo eな

NIHONGO e Portal for Learning Japanese is a site dedicated   to introducing all kinds of websites and online tools useful for studying   Japanese!

Sushi test

Anyone, anytime, can have fun testing his or her Japanese language ability   without pressure and at no charge. (Learners taking the test will have to   register as members at first.) This test is directed mainly at junior and senior   high school learners of Japanese who still find Level 4 of the Japanese Language   Proficiency Test to be still difficult.