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Japan in Asia Film Series

4/27/2016 @ 7PM (Reception Starts @6pm)

The Life Belongs on The Stage.

The Tenor Lirico Spinto (121mins, 2014)

Directed by Kim Sang-man


This South Korea-Japan co-production is a drama based on the true story of singer Bae Jae-cheol, who achieved a miraculous comeback after to losing his voice to illness. Yoo Ji-Tae (Old Boy) and Yusuke Iseya (Tomorrow's Joe) star, and many of Bae's songs also feature in the film.

The talented Korean tenor, Bae Jae-Chul (Yoo Ji-Tae), who penetrates the audience's hearts through his delicate and powerful singing, is on the rise to stardom at the European opera scene. Koji Sawada (Yusuke Iseya), a Japanese music producer, is searching for a new tenor for an upcoming performance. He watches a performance of Bae Jae-Chul and is amazed that an Asian can actually sing better than most European singers. Sawada invites Jae-Chul to Japan, which marks the beginning of a great friendship.

But after a successful season of performances, the tragedy of thyroid cancer strikes Jae-Chul. During an operation, the nerves of his vocal cords has to be cut due to the widely spread cancer...




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5/11/2016 @ 7PM

Love Stories with Different Languages & Nationalities Intersect at Minami

Fly Me to Minami (103mins, 2013)

Directed by Lim Kah Wai

©FLY ME TO MINAMI  All Rights Reserved.

There are two different love affairs this winter. 

Sherine (Sherine Wong), a talented editor of a leading Hong Kong fashion magazine was ordered to come to Osaka suddenly during winter holiday season.  Because the assignment was in such a short notice, she could not get hold of professional photographers.  Instead Sherine’s friend Naomi introduced her brother Tatsuya (Kenji Kohashi), an amateur photographer for Sherine’s disposal.  Through their work, distance between Sherine and Tatsuya gets closer.

Sol-ah (Paek Sol-ah), a part-time flight attendant and a co-owner of Japanese fashion shop in Seoul visits Osaka Minami to see her lover, Shinsuke (Terunosuke Takezai).  He is married with a son and is running Korean shop in Minami.  Sol-ah tries to find out ways to get out from this no-way-out situation.

It was particularly cold winter in Minami.

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5/25/2016 @ 7PM (Reception Starts @6pm)

Thailand-Japan Co-produced Road Movie

Hand in the Glove (70mins, 2015)

Directed by Yusuke Inaba

©TNC inc./KIRINZI inc./Little Help Co., Ltd. 2015

Depicting the meeting between a Japanese woman and a prince who is visiting Japan on the sly.  Director-cum-screenwriter Yusuke Inaba starred in Hold Your Breath Like a Lover, which was screened at the 67th Locarno International Film Festival. 

Prince Ariel of the Kingdom of Levelle (Chanon Rikulsurakan), together with his minder, Chris (Selina Wiesmann), visit a Kumamoto hotel for a secret holiday, where Hide (Eisuke Sasai), an old friend of Prince Ariel’s father, works as the general manager.  Immediately after arriving, the prince attempts to wander off by himself, but is discovered by Chris and returned to his hotel room.

Struggling with the daily pressure of being heir to the throne, the prince sees the holiday as the perfect pretext to experience “freedom”: meanwhile, Chris demands him act as befits his royal heritage.  However, no stranger to how Ariel must feel.  Chris comes up with a plan, and entrusts Hide to find a minder in the form of an approved date partner…


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6/8/2016 @ 7PM

A Magic Realist Romance China and Japan Teamed Up

The Black Square (144mins, 2014)

Directed by Hiroshi Okuhara

©2012 Black Square Film Gootime Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

Japan-China collaboration about "war and the present" that depicts complex human events involving tangled eras and national borders.  Directed by Hiroshi Okuhara, who was honored with the New Currents Award at the 4th Busan International Film Festival for Timeless Melody.

Struggling painter Zhao Ping (Chen Xixiu) lives in the outskirts of Beijing. One day he becomes captivated by a painting called the "Black Square," which is completely black. The next day he chases the black object as it flies through the air, and he encounters a naked man (Hideo Nakaizumi)…

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