JFLA provides high quality Japanese film screening every second and fourth Wednesday. 
7:00pm at JFLA Auditorium
 (5700 Wilshire Blvd, #100, Los Angeles, CA 90036) 
Free to attend. Reservation is not required.

Street Parking is available. http://www.jflalc.org/about-us.html#parking

*All movies are in Japanese with English subtitles.

1/28/2015 @ 7PM

Based on the bestselling Comic. Table Tennis to the Extreme

"Ping Pong"
 (114MIN, 2002)

Directed by Fumihiko Sori

©2002 “Ping Pong” Film Partners 

Best friend Peco (Yosuke Kubozuka) and Smile (ARATA) have been playing ping pong since they were little kids. While the unique and brazen Peco plays to win and loves the sport, the quiet and introverted Smile thinks of it as just a way to kill time with friends, but plays only because he looks up to Peco as his hero.

However, after Peco is badly beaten by his old pal Demon (Koji Okura) in an important inter-high school tournament and quits the game, Smile becomes the newest celebrity of ping pong. Smile begins training for the next championship, waiting for the return of his hero, whom he is destined to meet in one last match.

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