This page explains to administrators the importance of having a Japanese language program to diversify the foreign language program at their middle and high schools. Included below is the Advocacy Flyer for Administrators, a PowerPoint presentation video about obtaining funding, and links to additional information.

Advocacy Flyer for Administrators

by Dr. John Kidder

This flyer was written by Dr. Kidder from the Pilgrim School to advocate for Japanese language education to other administrators who are considering adding Japanese for their foreign language program. This flyer is available here as a PDF and you can also request a physical Advocacy Kit using the order form on the main Advocacy Website.


Funding for World Language Programs

The following instructional video explains to school administrators how to get funding for their language programs. Those who prefer to read the information can download the PPT Script below.


    PPT Script

why learn a foreign language?

Why Learn Japanese?

Additional Resources

  • CIA: The World Factbook: The World Factbook (ISSN 1553-8133; also known as the CIA World Factbook) is an annual publication of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States with   almanac-style information about the countries of the world. The Factbook provides a two- to three-page summary of the demographics, geography, communications, government, economy, and military of 266 U.S.-recognized countries, dependencies, and other areas in the world.
  • Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future: Fixing a Hollow Service: This report details the need for increased funding to address the needs in US diplomacy abroad.
  • Under bills, U.S. would funnel more money into diplomacy: Bills recently passed by the House and Senate Committees would increase State Department and related spending by about 25%.
  • U.S. needs more foreign diplomats: Providing the personnel and financial resources to manage our diplomacy and development policies is an urgent matter of national security.

Grant Information