Fiscal Year 2017-18
Japanese-language Learners Event Grant

Application Deadlines:  March 1, 2017  and  September 1, 2017 
(*We now accept application form submissions via email.)

(Photo: 30th (2016) Colorado/Wyoming Japanese Speech Contest by CJLEA)

Program Description

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles (hereafter "JFLA") provides financial support (up to $1,000) for Japanese-language related events on the national/state/regional levels (speech contests, quiz contests, or presentational events, etc.) that are intended to motivate a large number of Japanese-language learners in multiple schools featuring different educational levels (primary, secondary, collegiate levels, and adults) and promote Japanese-language education in the area. Closed events for a single school are not eligible.

Eligible Items for Support

  • Expenses for inviting judges/guests to the event (honorarium, transportation, accommodation)
  • Expenses for venue (rental fee for venue and equipment, service fee for tech support, etc.)
  • Prize expenses for participating Japanese-language learners (no cash prizes)
  • Production costs for handouts/programs/flyers of the event
  • *NEW* Group transportation costs for participants/student audiences (charter buses, vans, etc.)

Application Procedures

Step 1.  Please inform JFLA (Email: of your intention to apply for the program.

Step 2.  Download the application materials.

             Application Form (now simplified!)  


Step 3.  Please submit your completed Application Form by mail or email. Your Application Fom (either original or digital copies) must be submitted to JFLA on or before the respective deadlines.

            [Application Deadlines]

               (1) March 1, 2017 (for projects to be held between 4/1/2017 and 3/31/2018)
               (2) September 1, 2017 (for projects to be held between 11/1/2017 and 3/31/2018)
                    (Should the deadline fall on a weekend, it will be extended to the following Monday.)

Post Application Procedures

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Feedback Comments and Photos from Grant Recipients

  • Hyogo Business and Cultural Center (Seattle, WA), Japanese Speech and Skit Contest

    “We gave students throughout the state of Washington an opportunity to use their Japanese language education on a larger stage in front of their peers and work in groups to use Japanese in a variety of situations. The speech contest also gave students an opportunity to talk about an important issue or topic to their lives in front of an audience of their peers. Finally, this contest gave high school students the incentive to continue their studies of Japanese language as they see the practical benefits of learning a foreign language that they can enjoy.”

  • UNC Greensboro (Greensboro, NC), First Greensboro Japanese Speech Contest

    “This was the first Japanese speech contest held locally in Greensboro. Our immediate objectives were to make it possible for all interested students enrolled in Japanese language classes in the Greensboro area to participate, to reward them for their hard work by making it easier for their families, friends and classmates to come support them and, finally, to encourage them to continue their Japanese language studies. I think the event accomplished these objectives. We particularly appreciated the help from the Japanese Language Learners Event Grant."

  • NECTJ (Boston), Japan Day

    "This marked the eleventh annual Japan Day co-organized by the Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese (Boston), the Consulate-General of Japan in Boston, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Schools are spread far and wide throughout the area and there aren’t many high schools that are able to participate, but we have been able to keep the number of participants above one hundred. One advantage is that the event itself can be continued at low cost with low maintenance.  Because many of the schools have relatively small Japanese programs that are somehow kept going by a single teacher, there is great value in providing the opportunity for students from different schools to interact and share their progress with each other. The teachers who work hard together to organize the event have the opportunity to inspire, encourage, and learn from each other as well. This year’s theme was “Japan: Past and Present” where we had participants look at modern Japanese culture and pop culture from a historical perspective. Each school then gave presentations which further deepened students’ understanding. The afternoon gallery talk given by Museum of Fine Art, Boston staff gave students a chance to get up close with Japanese history and view a wide variety of items on display. They also had the rare opportunity to observe restoration work being done on a silk scroll depicting 'Buddha’s Nirvana'."

  • Broward Virtual School (Broward County, FL), Tomodachi Haiku Contest

    "The Haiku Contest, which is held every year, has started to become a firmly established event throughout Broward County. We have received lots of encouraging words from each school’s principal as well as students’ parents expressing the desire to see Broward Virtual School’s Japanese language program continues for years to come. We received comments from students who used the Haiku Contest as an opportunity to start their own haiku journals, and an ESE student wound up winning an award in the contest which gave them self-confidence and made me feel very good about holding the contest. Thank you JFLA for support in the past and going forward."