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“Strawberry Fields” (91 MIN/2006)

Saturday, May 11th at Noon



When three of her classmates turn into ghosts, a fleeting heart-to-heart moment of spiritual exchange in farewell unfolds for a high-school girl in this coming-of-age fantasy, vividly depicted in a flood of nostalgia. With full cooperation from the City of Tanabe in Wakayama Prefecture, shot completely on-location in Tanabe’s natural old-style townscape.

The beautiful Tanabe setting sun, Natsumi, a 17-year-old high-school girl, loses three of her classmates in a sudden traffic accident. But in a miracle, the deceased Maki, Lisa, and Mika appear before her. A mere 48 hours have been left to the girls. In that time, they aim to live out the dreams they could not realize while alive, but somehow, only Natsumi can see them and speak with them. By no means best friends, the four girls both repel each other and talk about their memories together, a clairvoyant meeting of kinship.